“When I signed for City, I came to this club to make history, I want this club to change. I want this club to be bigger than United. I know it’s going to be a lot of work, but that’s my dream."

Those are the stirring words of Yaya Toure who has opened up following his City “rebirth” which has seen the Ivorian superstar enjoy a new lease of life in the team following his widely-discussed omission from the opening months of the season.

Ian Herbert’s Independent piece continues:

“City have won all four of the Premier League games Toure has started since he came back into the side, after apologising for the way that his agent Dimitri Seluk insulted City and the manager. The serious cruciate injury sustained last week by Ilkay Gundogan also creates a ready-made opportunity for him to feature prominently in the second half of the season.

““I think I’ve always been a key figure,” Toure said. “We are all sorry for Gundogan to be injured like that. The next two, three months it’s very difficult and you have to be clever and adapt, have the physical mentality, win the second balls, fight.”

“There has been a palpable thaw in relations between manager and player. Pressed on Sunday evening about whether Toure would be at City next season, Guardiola said: “I have no answer to that question. I know he finishes his contract. Now we have time to discuss that. What I am impressed by most is his huge quality. He looks like a boy. He played awesome. It is not in terms of when he has the ball but the personality. Yaya plays at that level because he is fit and focused. He is an exceptional player. 

Elsewhere, stirring comeback victory over Arsenal on Sunday. The German youngster had a rip-roaring game which caught the eye in particular of Gary Neville.

““I think Sane for me – there’s a few things that I’ve seen in him the last couple of times.” The former United man said on Sky Sports.

““I think the first time I saw him was the Manchester derby and I wasn’t sure – he looked a bit timid. I still think there is a bit of timidness to him but he’s so young.

““He’s shown glimpses in the Chelsea game and the game yesterday (against Arsenal) that make me think he could be pretty special.

““You always think of it as ‘would I like to play against him?’ He’s got electric pace. He looks like he could – once he gets the belief and confidence and settles into the league with maturity – he could be devastating.”